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Short, Drama, Romance
Shay Fellner
8.000 USD

Boris (85), an immigrant from the Ukraine, a man of few words, is the carer of his wife Sveta (83), who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. They live together in an apartment in Haifa with their stubborn Israeli grandson Max (14). When Max is accepted to a boarding school for outstanding athletes, a shared dream of both his and his grandfather’s, he feels guilty for abandoning his grandfather on his own. As a solution he arranges a date between him and Lena (79), a pretty woman, full of life. Boris initially rejects the idea on the spot, but surrenders eventually after Max threatens he will not attend the boarding school. Boris, suffocating in his suit, goes out into the bustling, busy street with a red rose. Lena waits for him at a busy intersection. When Boris notices her he gets cold feet, but when their eyes meet they exchange smiles. In the meantime, Max stays behind to watch his grandmother, and has to face the embarrassing reality of old age. Boris returns home with mixed feelings and a white rose in his hand. Sveta notices him sadly, and he sits next to her in an apologetic manner, singing to her softly and lovingly. Max watches them quietly.

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