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Dream Catcher

Animation, Short
Avery Rouda
United States
10000 USD
Other Festivals
One Reeler Short Film Competition Los Angeles Award of Merit United States Los Angeles Film and Script Festival Los Angeles April 19, 2019 Official Selection United States Newport Beach Film Festival Newport Beach May 2, 2019 North American Premiere Official Selection United States Florence Film Awards florence Honorable Mention Italy ShortS International Film Festival Trieste July 1, 2019 Italian Premiere Official Selection Italy

This animated short film takes viewers into the magical world of a dreamcatcher, reminding children to always follow their dreams.

It is the Young Sorter’s first day on the job in the Dreamcatcher Factory where all kinds of imaginative characters work through the night to catch, sort, and sift through all of the lovely little dreams dreamt by Sleeping Girl. But on this night, under the glow of the full moon, Sleeping Girl has a nightmare! The dark cloud is caught inside the dreamcatcher and finds its way to the Young Sorter’s sorting station. Determined to protect the little girl sound asleep in her bed, Young Sorter chases the dreadful Nightmare through the inner webs of the Dreamcatcher Factory, learning along the way that he should never be led by nightmares, and instead should always follow his dreams.


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